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Casual Spoken Artist Statement Uma Bloo

Written Artist Statement:

It's occurred to me for quite some time that I live a lot of my life in my head. When I lived in Chicago, for instance, I walked thirty minutes from my apartment on North Avenue to my job on Webster four times a week. Sometimes when I got to work I'd realize I didn't remember getting there. Some years later after moving to LA in February of 2023, I was overwhelmed by how I tend to miss what is right in front of me. LA has many parking lots with different storefronts in them, so many I can't seem to read any of the signs or make out what the businesses are. Perhaps it's the sensory overload but I got the sense I was missing out.

As I approach the end of my twenty-ninth year and head into another decade, I've decided I want a practice that would help me to see what is physically around me better. It's ironic: I would name one of my talents as my ability to see, but in a more spiritual way. I am more in touch with what is real but invisible. The intangible will always be a favorite topic of discussion but, at the same time, it's become an insecurity and even obsession with death. I get so in my head I think I am incompatible with the physical and wish to go back to being without form.

So, armed with my Nikon CoolPix S9100, I've set out on the streets with the intention of more firmly engaging with my environment. This project will center mostly around my time in LA and the west coast, but as I travel and tour my music more often I will naturally expand this into other parts of the US and international cities + towns.

The audio aspect of this project is to indulge in my winding thoughts and observations on these different places/experiences. As you can tell by comparing my spoken artist statement to the written explanation, I have many thoughts within thoughts within thoughts while speaking. In my spoken explanation I get side tracked and bring up other topics that are exciting and, at least in my mind, are connected to what I'm discussing. In essence I'm taking the scenic route on the way to the point I'm making. I express the same intentions as I am while writing but there's more melody and indulgence in whatever else comes up. I want to close the gap between my wandering mind and when I'm trying to communicate something specific. My guess is that by first talking through my thoughts and then writing I may produce something more thoughtful than if I relied on one process over the other. Plus I just love writing, talking, and exploring my own mind so it keeps it fun for me.

In totality: my plan is to organize these photos and ideas into categories both broad and specific. My hope is that it will help me better understand myself, express my observations, and reconnect me to all that surrounds me. I'd like to become more clear, concise, and confident in my perspective. I am a bit of a puddle and I want to be more like a wave- fluid and malleable but with a shape one can clearly see.

Wish me luck! xo

Uma B.

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